A fabulous introduction to the art and joy of balloon sculpture

Flossie's Balloon Twisting Workshop is a fabulous introduction to the art and joy of balloon sculpture. Our primary school aged audience had a lot of fun and were fully engaged for an hour. Flossie demonstrates techniques in a structured way to build confidence and then they have the joy of forming their own unique creation.  Take 250 balloons & 25 kids add some stretch, fold and twist techniques equals a roomful of happiness and creativity. 

  • Lucy Brunwin
  • Childrens and Young Adults Librarian at Tasman Libraries, Richmond, Nelson

Well paced with a great amount of instruction and challenge

Thank you again for the great afternoon of learning. It was exactly what we were after. In fact both Declan and Kirsten have since done balloon creations with their classes and were able to use the activity to reinforce our learner qualities.
In terms of feedback I thought it was well paced with a  great amount of instruction and challenge. The lead in activities were great preparation for the 'final challenge'!


  • Dave Sampson
  • Principal at Ranzau School, Hope, Nelson

I have never seen a bunch of 4 year old's so entertained!!

Miss Fizzberry is an absolute legend!! I have never seen a bunch of 4 year olds so entertained!! They were mesmerised from start to finish and the added value of face painting afterwards was marvellous-great entertainment for all the family(mums were asking me afterwards how the tricks were done!)  a must for any function or Occasion-Felicity is a star x

  • Cat Bozocky
  • Nelson, New Zealand

Totally Recommend Flossie Balloons and Entertainment for any Kids parties

Zac had a 'MAGIC' Birthday party with Ms Fizzberry. What a cool show, the kids had a "WAND"ERFUL time, so much laughter. Even I don't know how she did all the tricks which is pretty cool for the adults as well

I can totally recommend FLOSSIE BALLOONS AND ENTERTAINMENT for any kids parties. We held Zac's party at the Upper Moutere Community Center which was also fab, great space and affordable. So awesome to have an indoor venue for a winter kids party like that. Thanks again Ms Fizzberry for giving us something to laugh about we really needed that at that time in our lives after everything else that had happened

  • Heather Baigent
  • Upper Moutere

Splendiferous Christmas Magic Show

Ms Fizzberry came and gave us the most splendiferous Christmas magic show on the 19th December.  Ms Fizzberry was dressed up in all her finery, keeping the children amused with her most amazing magic tricks and friendly dog puppet. Ms Fizzberry even helped some of our children become master magicians themselves.

  • Karmin Marchbanks
  • Centre Manager at Active Explorers, Richmond, Richmond, Nelson

I would recommend you to any corporate event

Hi Flossie, Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with the balloons for our recent Pirate Party at our annual conference. The Octopus/starfish/flowers on the table/two large pirates at the door/swords on the tables were all amazing and so colourful. I would recommend you to any corporate event. The colour boosted the whole event. You are so talented and a star. 

  • Christine Singer
  • National Administrator at Kiwi Holiday Parks Incorporated

The amount of fun, laughter and creativity Flossie brings is second to none

Felicity (aka Flossie the Balloon Lady) has been contracted to work over numerous school holidays and Night Markets at Morrison Square entertaining and teaching children balloon art for the past two years.  Flossie is fantastic with the children whilst being entertaining and dynamic.  The kids always have a great time and love parading their creations around town and playing with them at home.

Felicity is great encompassing a wide range of ages including parents and grandparents.  The amount of fun, laughter and creativity Flossie brings is second to none and it is always great receiving positive feedback from parents about the workshops Felicity holds.

Morrison Square always looks forward to welcoming Flossie to the centre and the entertainment she brings to the table.    We can’t wait to have Flossie back to Morrison Square!


I throughly recommend Felicity to successfully entertain any group of people whether they be old or young

To whom it may concern 

I am the diversional therapist at Wensley House rest home and apartments.

I asked Felicity to come and entertain our residents with her balloon creations. Felicity was very friendly very skilled and related very well with our residents. She started off by asking what they would like her to make. They suggested Amy (me).  This caused lots of laughs and gasps of amazement. Felicity then proceeded to make whatever she was asked to make by the residents. This included a cat, dog, flowers, a monkey up a palm tree, dinosaur and a birthday hat. Felicity was with us for over an hour. 

I throughly recommend Felicity to successfully entertain any group of people whether they be old or young. 

  • Amy Visser
  • Diversional Therapist at Wensley House Rest Home, Richmond, Nelson

A high standard of Children's Entertainment

Review for Kath Bee and Ms Fizzberry’s show at the Playhouse Mapua
Kath Bee, a musician and children’s song writer, and Ms Fizzberry a magician combined forces
together to create a musical magic show on 9th Dec 2017.
It is a warm Sunday afternoon at The Playhouse, Mapua, fairy lights twinkle and add to the 2- 6
year old audience’s excitement. Certainly my 4 and a half year old is mesmerised by the twinkling
cave like venue. In comes Kath Bee and Ms Fizzberry dressed up, full of energy and the children
are immediately engaged. I did wonder before the show how they were going to link the two solo
entertainers together and how it would all flow. I needn’t have worried as the linking of two acts is
seamless and well rehearsed. The two artists completely support each other and hence give both
even more stage presence.
I am thoroughly enjoying the way the set flows from Ms Fizzberry’s magic to Kath Bees music,
like the flavour combination of salt and vinegar chips. I am glad though as Kath Bee sings two
songs in a row, as before it felt as though children were just warming up to the music and then
would have to stop dancing to listen and interact with the magic. I notice Kath Bee inventing some
creative strategies to keep the children engaged when transitioning from her songs to Ms
Fizzberry’s magic tricks.
The children have the best of both worlds with singing along, and jumping up and down to songs
like, ‘Odd socks’ and ‘Dragons under my bed’ with Kath Bee, to laughing heartily to Ms Fizzberry’s
‘life of its own wand’. I feel satisfied with the way lots of children have the opportunity to get up on
stage during the magic set, as well as involving any others with the twinkling of hands and calling
out of ‘Fizzy, wizzy lets get busy.”
Children just can’t help but get up and join in, the two’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious. My
son is completely engaged and present. When I look around the room even the adults are singing
along and blowing bubbles.
The duo are well suited, well rehearsed and delivered a high standard of children’s entertainment!
This is not a children’s show to be missed! We want more please!

  • Nikkie Karki
  • Nelson, New Zealand

Get into the Christmas spirit with Flossie

It was great to have Flossie Fizzberry at our Playcentre Christmas party, especially since Santa could't make it. Miss Fizzberry did a fantastic Christmas themed show with lots of tricks and jokes that entertained all our playcentre whanau. At the end she also handed out the christmas presents to our tamariki. A lovely celebration to celebrate the end of term and get into a festive holiday mood. Highly recommended!

Thanks for all the joy you bring

Hi Flossy, I just want to let you know that we still have about 12 ballons left from Valencia's Christening that you did for us at founders park in September last year. They are hanging in Valencia's bedroom. Fantastic value. She often comes home with a animal that you have made from a fair or gala. Thanks for all the joy you bring. Regards Robyn and Max. 

  • Robyn and Max Reelick

Holiday Programme

We have Flossie come to our holiday programme once a year.  She has a warm and relaxed manner with the children and runs the session well.  The children all make balloon animals which they have loved.  Flossie also makes some special creations for several children – they all want to have one of these special, more complex balloons.

From the moment Flossie arrives, dressed up with balloon hat on, there is an air of anticipation.  I would recommend her sessions, particularly for the 5-10 year age group.

  • Jenny Nicholson
  • Skool Zout Holiday Programme

Amazing job

Thank you so much for today, the kids loved you, Madison is always in line where you go so was awesome you came to her party, you do an amazing job with the kids.
Thank you again :)
Alesha and Madison

  • Alesha

A relaxing Party

We asked Flossie the Balloon lady to come to our five year old daughters party.  She was brilliant!  Both the boys and the girls were kept entertained the whole time she was there.  She related to the children very well and they loved the selection of balloons and face paints that she supplied.  We found the party very relaxing because the kids were happy the whole time.  Thank you Flossie for making our daughters party fun and stress free.
Paula and Craig Tobin


  • Paula and Craig Tobin

The hats you made for our Quiz night were a great success

The Hats you made for our Quiz Night were a great success – We had intended to use them for spot prizes however they were so well liked they were auctioned instead. Fantastic fundraising items!
    St Josephs School Nelson PTA


  • St Josephs School

I really liked how she got us to volunteer and help her with the magic tricks

She made me a balloon unicorn with pink hair. I really liked how she got us to volunteer and help her with the magic tricks. I also liked her bird that sat in her magic bag.


  • Riley Rutherford - Age 7

Absolutely fantastic, is all I can say!

Absolutely fantastic, is all I can say!

Ms Fizzberry had the children enthralled from beginning to end.

 As a mother trying to get food ready, this was so helpful. I was able to concentrate on what I needed to do.

Every time I looked up, there were smiles and laughter, giggles and grins and very clever magic tricks!

I loved the way Ms Fizzberry combined her talent for balloons into her magic show and tailored her balloon creations to my daughter’s love of unicorns.

Recommend, recommend, recommend!

  • Lynley Rutherford
  • Nelson, New Zealand

Everything went smoothly from getting a quote to the final delivery

"Felicity is a wonderful person to work with. Her professional attitude, her super quick responses and her friendly character made it really easy to do business together. I ordered special balloons for a client. Everything went smoothly from getting a quote to the final delivery. The printed balloons looked great at the event with the company's logo on them! I can highly recommend Felicity's services! Balloons for any occasion!"

  • Bea Pole-Bokor
  • B!Social, Nelson , New Zealand

Absolutely fascinating

Hi Flossie...this is one of the two photos I took of you yesterday in Richmond Mall.  My husband and I loved watching you make the balloons for the kids...absolutely fasinating and so colourful...and you looked absoutely gorgeous...keep up the good work...

  • Dianne Williams