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Lady in Red

Bottle Bodz

Giving a bottle of something yummy as a gift? Flossie can put a party dress on it for you

Animals and character sculptures

Animals and character sculptures

Animals and characters made from twisted balloons

from $20

Alien Friend

Balloon Caricature

Ever heard of a balloonicature? Neither have we.....but it sure sounds like fun.

Beautiful Balloon heart customisable colours

Balloon Heart

This framed balloon heart is a Beautiful way of expressing love

Balloon Hoops

Balloon Hoops

Decorative balloon hoops

Unicorn Marquee

Balloon Marquee

Balloon Marquee in many different customisable styles. Please click to see more

Prices from $35

Beary big bear, bearing gifts

Beary Big Bear

A big bear for a baby shower or a birth gift

Bouquets by number

Bouquets by number

Please click for more examples

Construction party candy cup

Candy Cups

A decoration and a party favour all in one

Centrepiece 'plus' bundles

Centrepiece 'plus' bundles

A centrepiece plus party favours pre prepared for your party or event

Let's get loopy


Exciting and colourful or subtle and sophisticated columns will wow you with their versatility

Floral butterfly blue basket

Floral Baskets

Floral baskets with various embellishments.

From $60 delivered

Mixed bunch

Floral bunches

Joyful assortments of balloon flowers in various styles

From $35 delivered

A little ladybug posy

Floral Posies

Pretty posies to brighten someone's day

from $40 delivered

Floral Vases

Floral Vases

Deluxe Floral balloon presentations

from $65 delivered

Jumbo daisy bunches

Jumbo daisy bunches

A big surprise for someone special. Click to see more

$60 delivered

Jumbo Helium balloons
Topiary Balls are perfect for outdoors
Linky Columns

Linky Columns

Fun and fast linky columns

Man's best friend

Man's best friend

Customisable man and dog caricature



Customisable Motorcyclist caricature

80 Gold and Chrome Magenta

Number Marquee

Number themed Marquee in many different customisable styles. Please click to see more

from $45 delivered (single digit)

Yard Art for 90th Birthday

Organic Garland

Organic style garland based decor

Sculpted Alphanumerics

Sculpted Alphanumerics

Sculpted letters and numbers

Single weighted Helium balloons
String of pearls arch

String of pearls arch

Arches that use helium gas to hold them in shape

Swirl column with funky topiary and bright colours

Swirl Column

Customisable column to suit your event

A little extra decoration for the cake table
Table or floor balloon bunches

Table or floor balloon bunches

Bunches of helium balloons

Entrance way for Ball

Walk Under Arch

Walk Under Arch