Event entertainment packages

Flossie and her team work at many community events to bring smiles to all


Bespoke packages designed for your events,

 also for After School, and Holiday Programmes, and Seniors and Rest home Entertainment

Special rates for School Galas and some other Charity fundraisers. 

All prices include GST


Premium Balloon Twisting with Flossie the Balloon Lady 

Watch Flossie's fingers fly making fast and innovative practical designs to please using best quality, sustainable, biodegradable balloons - These can last for several days to weeks. Please dispose of broken balloons thoughtfully

1 hour $130

2 hours or more $115 per hour


Standard Balloon twisting with one of Flossie’s trained team members

Fast entertaining designs by awesome entertainers

1 Hour $115

2 hours or more $110 per hour

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Fabulous fun Face Painting 

Watch children's faces light up as they see their painted faces in the mirror!  

Beautiful princesses, butterflies and fairies, scary vampires, monsters and dinosaurs, cute puppies, unicorns and tigers ....The only limit is your imagination!

Add colour, sparkles and smiles to your event

For large events speedy half face and eye designs mean lots of kids can get their faces painted in short order.

Up to 25 eye designs or 10-15 full face designs per hour 

1 hour $125

2 hours or more $115 per hour

Always a favourite

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Big Bubbles Display

- using outdoor nets and specialised solution to suit weather conditions 

What is so special about bubbles?
The beautiful rainbow colours, their fragile ethereal nature as they float temporarily through their course before popping and vanishing.
This makes them universally fascinating to children of all ages.

30 Min $65 (as an add on to other services)

1 hour (actually two 25 min slots with a short break between) $130

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Balloon Workshop

1 hour, up to 20 children $230

$6 per extra child

Flossie's Fizzberry's Fun Balloon Twisting Experience (1 Hour) 

 Up to 20 participants $230

That’s 200 pre inflated balloons, Each extra child is $8, Workshops can be held for up to 60 children.

(We’ve also done mini workshops for greater numbers broken into smaller groups….please inquire)

 Ultimate Balloon Twisting Workshop

Combines a Magic Show followed by the balloon twisting worshop

(100 minutes) $360 for up to 20 children,

each extra child is $8 up to 60 children

Indoor only

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Magic Show with Ms Fizzberry

Ms Fizzberry presents fast paced children’s comedy magic and silliness. The show is full of colour and interaction, and includes classic magic tricks, some problems that need solving, balloons, and her own comedy twist to make a children’s magic show that has 3 to 8 year olds rolling with laughter

'It's Magic' with Ms Fizzberry, features a very unpredictable magic wand, a very hungry snail, and some magical appearances. Fizz’s show is full of comedy, silliness and audience participation as the children take part in a truly magical journey.

Why choose Ms Fizzberry?

She’s Magic!
A gentle entertainer that children feel comfortable with
An engaging puppet that children love
Age appropriate entertainment

45 minute Community show  $250

unlimited number of children

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By appointment

Flossie Fizzberry is ready to visit your residential facility to offer entertainment to all members of the community

Balloon and Bubble workshops and displays

or bedside visits and chats with gentle balloon entertainment

Please inquire for special pricing and to discuss your particular needs


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