Ms Fizzberry presents fast paced children’s comedy magic and silliness, and ensures your child is the star of the show. The show is full of colour and interaction, and includes classic magic tricks, some problems that need solving, balloons, and her own comedy twist to make a children’s magic show that has 3 to 8 year olds rolling with laughter as they become fully immersed in enjoyment.

'It's Magic' with Ms Fizzberry, features a very unpredictable magic wand, a very hungry snail, a treasure map and a special part where only the birthday star can do the magic. Fizz’s show is full of comedy, silliness and audience participation as the children take part in a truly magical journey.

Why choose Ms Fizzberry?

She’s Magic!
A gentle entertainer that children feel comfortable with
An engaging puppet that children love
Age appropriate entertainment
Stress free for you
Easy to book
Your child is the star of the show
Help and advice on venues, venue setup, timings and planning

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