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Helium Balloons

To place an order please use the booking form on the contact page

Include as much detail as possible 

What you would like

  • All our pieces are customisable so feel free to ask for what you want. Even if its a picture from pinterest
  • Let us know what the occasion is and we can make suggestions further to what you see on the site

Where you need it

  • Deliveries in the Nelson region are easy
  • Further afield is a little more difficult but not impossible. Feel free to inquire. 
  • We are in contact with Balloon Artists all over the world and have managed to arrange some deliveries in far off places on occasion.   

When you need it

  • Please remember these are mini works of art and take time to create. 48 hours is appreciated. 24 hours may be enough. It doesn't hurt to inquire if the time is shorter
  • Transit time needs to be factored in if further afield.

Presentation and Care

  • Most pieces are delivered in a sealed bag to prevent oxidation. Balloon sculptures will keep very well in this way for several days 
  • Balloons keep best in a cool place away from direct sunlight
  • All reasonable presentation/ delivery requests considered. Maybe you want it delivered publicly to a colleague having a birthday complete with a personalised announcement or

Singing telegram? 

Write your own words to a well known jingle such as 'If you're happy and you know it' and Flossie will personally deliver the gift and the Singing Telegram message.


Payment is by Online banking or Paypal or cash by special arrangement. All prices listed include GST.

We look forward to being of service to you