About Flossie

Delighting young and old alike by creating a plethora of amazing creations using nothing but air, imagination and multicoloured latex. Flossie first picked up a twisting balloon about 18 years ago and has been twisting balloons professionally for over 12 years. 

It all started for Flossie with a gift for her son. It was the early days of her internet experience and she discovered Amazon book store. Tentatively and with some trepidation over exchange rates and postage she ordered ‘The big book of balloon twisting’ for her son then 10 years old. Within a few months she and her son were twisting balloons for the annual school gala and a few years later enjoying the joy that her customers derived, decided to dip a toe into the party entertainment market.

Flossie has attended several Balloon conventions in Australia taking out several awards and enjoying the inspiration shared between balloon artists. One day hopes to twist enough balloons to get to to one in the USA!

In 2010 she gained Certified Balloon artist status though qualatex industry training and is qualified in all aspects of balloon Decor. Flossie Balloons is part of the Qualatex Balloon Network.

Through the medium of her balloons Flossie has become a well loved part of the childhoods of a generation of Nelson children who are now beginning to bring their own children to get a balloon from the locally renowned ‘World’s best balloon twister’

More recently she has developed skills in Face Painting and is currently developing skills in other entertainment arts. There’s more to come!

Flossie takes the business of fun very seriously, that’s why she has full public liability insurance. Every precaution is taken to provide a safe environment for everyone present.